Companies involved in surface mining are encouraged to join SMART and begin reaping the benefit of collective efforts. New participants are always welcome, even in projects that are currently underway.

SMART is an association of mining companies that meet regularly to coordinate the technology development needed by the mining industry. Since 1995, the member companies have directed research and influenced the manufacturers and suppliers to improve surface mining technology and services.
SMART actively supports learning seminars, collaborative research projects, and user groups.
SMART sponsors an ongoing series of Learning Seminars. Each year the seminar tackles a new topic of concern for the industry, from development in large haulage trucks, to wireless communications and information technologies.
SMART also sponsors collaborative research. This is a primary goal of SMART and one of the biggest benefits to members - Priority of Mining Research Initiatives, Diesel emissions evaluation, Standard definitions for the benchmarking of availability and utilization of equipment, Mine haulroad design and construction, and Mining Benchmarking Database

SMART has recognized the need for the establishment of a worldwide database that continuously collects mining equipment metrics related to productivity and cost. The data is validated to common definitions and analyzed to provide participating companies with regular reports that allow them to understand their position and resultant opportunities to achieve World Class Performance. The number of participants in this project continues to grow.

User groups have been formed to tackle specific challenges head-on and develop soilid solutions that can benefit surface mining companies across Canada and North America. These user groups illustrate the effectiveness of collaboration - Large Tire User Group, Mining GPS Users Assocation, Truck-Shovel Equipment User Group, Connectivity and Technology Standards for the Surface Mining Industry, and SMART Standard Technology Committee

Last updated July 10, 2011