Welcome to the Surface Mining Association for Research & Technology (SMART).

In today's global business world, being able to share information, stay abreast of new technologies and focus research on future needs are critical to maintaining a competitive edge.

That's the thinking behind SMART, an organization that provides an opportunity for surface mining companies to join forces and work together to meet common needs.

SMART is an association of surface mining companies who joined together in 1995 to develop a coordinated approach to meeting the needs of the industry. Collectively, our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used effectively to direct research programs and influence manufacturers and suppliers in meeting the needs of our industry.

I invite you to join other industry leaders who recognize the value of collaboration as a means of achieving tremendous results. Becoming a member of SMARt gives you the opportunity to participate in research activities suited to your organization, take part in workshops that offer real-life solutions and share information with other companies. This is a unique opportunity - SMART is the only group that focuses on operating concerns for open pit mines of North America and Australia.

We know that there is strength in numbers. In fact, we recognize that the greater our membership, the greater our power for collaboration. I encourage you to read the enclosed information and find out how you and your organization can benefit from becoming a member of SMART. We look forward to welcoming you as a new member soon.

Gord Winkel