Stephen Fancey and Emma Peckford

This page is devoted to the search for the Geneology of the Descendants of Stephen Fancey and Emma Peckford of Change Islands, Newfoundland.  Stephen is reputed to have landed in Change Islands from England in the early 1800's and married Emma Jane Peckford of Change Islands.  Between them they had thirteen known children and every effort is being made to track the entire Family.  Those children whose descendents are known are linked to thier own page.  The others we are trying to find.
Stephen's Birth Place Possibly Lytchett Minster, Dorsetshire (Dorset), England
Stephen's Date of Birth Circa 1823
Emma's Birth Place Most likely in Change Islands or Fogo
Emma's Date of Birth Circa 1825-1830
Marriage Date Before 1850
Place of Marriage Unknown - most likely St. Andrews Anglican Church in Fogo or St. Margaret's or St. James Church in Change Islands

 John Mill (Bachelor) of Fogo to Amelia Peckford (Spinster) of Change Islands on August 20, 1853 - Service performed by W.A.Elder, Witnessed by Thomas Peckford and Stephen Fancey
Stephen is listed in the 1871 Lovell's Directory as a fisherman in Change Islands
Stephen is listed in the 1895 McAlpine's Directory as a fisherman in Change Islands
From Will Fancey of GONS - " Stephen seems to have been an uncommon name in the British Fancy/Fancey families until very recently. One of the very few earlier holders was baptised Stephen Fancy in Lytchett Minster, a small village in Dorset which was the main stronghold of the family for nearly 200 years, on 16 March 1823. I have his ancestry but nothing about him after his baptism. His parents had earlier baptised another Stephen born 4 March 1820 and baptised 2 April 1820, so I assume the earlier child died. He seems a possibility for the ancestor for whom you are looking, doesn't he? "
From the Baptism records of Dorset, town of Lytchett Minster, Stephen Fancy was recorded as being born to David and Elizabeth Fancy (two children as listed above)
From the Marriage records of Dorset, town of Wareham, David Fancy is recorded to have married Elizabeth Skinner on February 7, 1815


Stephen Fancey - circa ??


George Baptised June 23, 1850
Josiah Baptised July 25, 1852
Salathiel Simon Baptised July 20, 1853
Isabella Ann Baptised September 28, 1856
Mary Hannah Born May 7, 1858
Charles William Baptised September 1, 1860
David Baptised August 10, 1862
Timothy  Baptised July 17, 1864
Dinah  Baptised September 2, 1866
Harriett Baptised July 19, 1867
Stephen Baptised July 23, 1871
Isreal  Baptised June 20, 1874
Sarah Emma  Baptised July 12, 1874

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