Composite Map - Southern England, Dorsetshire

I pieced together a map based on the Parishes listed in the Dorset Family History Society searches.  I extends from Yetminster (Brake Family) in the Northwest to Swanage in the Southeast.  The total distance covered is approximately 25 miles from Lytchett Minster to Yetminster.  The map below, gives a general overview of Dorset.  The individual maps can be found at

There are two maps available - one at a scale of 1:100,000 and the other was scaled to 50% from the composite.  The approximate scale is listed in the map (5 mile marker) in the space south of poole.  The full size map (1:100,000) is a large file (491 K) but contains better detail than the 50% file.  The 50% file is approximately 145 K.

For the two families I am tracking, most of the parishes in Dorset are covered in this map.  The Fancy Family can be found primarily in Lytchett Minster (lower right west of Poole) wheres, the Brakes are from Yetminster (top left).


1:100,000 Scale Map

1:100,000 Scale Map at 50%

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