Dorset Family History Society Records

I acquired these records from searches done for me by the Family History Society of Dorset via the internet.  There is a small charge (£1 sterling) per parish plus a small surcharge but it is worth it.  If you wish to have searches done in the Dorset area, the web page for the Dorset Family History Society is located at

The information contained in this section includes baptism, marriage, and burial records for 31 parishes near Poole, Southern England.  I checked the location of most places listed and most are within 30 miles of Poole.  The records I requested were for Fancey/Fancy surnames in 30 parishes and the Brake surname in the parish of Yetminster (to the North of Poole).

I would also ask that anyone using information from this page not copy it wholesale and distribute it but rather go through the DFHS.  Not that I mind sharing the information (I did post it to the web after all) but I would like to keep the support going for the society via the fees they recieve for doing such searches so that they can continue to provide this valuable service.

Another site of interest is which is a stepping stone to other geneologically interesting areas in the United Kingdom and Ireland.



Baptisms 1700-1837
Marriages 1700-1836
Burials 1700-1837

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